Monday, October 30, 2006

The Rage Warrior

The Rage Warrior;
Raping, killing, en fuego;
He's coming for you.

Innocense dying,
The Forgotten's pain rises.
Injustice for all.

Inner demons reign;
War in the street, war in hell;
Molding you like me.

Arson king grinning;
So in love with the flaming,
Burns down his own home.

Power's poisoned cup;
Seduced masses hail the fraud;
Still never enough.

Forest's field laid bare;
Metal treads crushing all life;
Who resists the beast?

Holy fury burns;
Patriots are the traitors;
Find us the witches!

Consuming always;
Furnace must always have more;
Death's bell rings louder.

Cannibals survive;
Fear is the devil's candy;
God's medicine spurned.

Laughing in Love's face;
Here's the Ultimate Power:
To not want my life.

Sees too late the light;
Rage warriors left behind;
Wishing to have love.

Tears become bullets.
Pity them and beware them:
Those who live a lie.

Law of our Maker

Law of our Maker:
Make others become like you.
Futureless asshole.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

War crimes never end

No matter your deed or misdeed, your sin of commission or omission, I have done worse.

Hidden among the necessary cruelty was gratuitous crime.

Women and children I ordered burned alive.

How can I be a father now?

The rage warrior forever pays.

Green thicket of trees

Green thicket of trees;
Rest from relentless pursuit;
Here they come again.

Wailing of lost dreams

Wailing of lost dreams.
How can I change things I feel?
Tear drops in ocean.

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Sitting on Pluto

Sitting on Pluto
Earth's hell fades into desire
To belong once more.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Hell's warlord pride lives

Hell's warlord pride lives;
Places him beneath all else;
When will he let go?

Homeless man's vengeance

Homeless man's vengeance;
Question never answered him:
"Who the hell are you!"

Sorrow like raindrops

Under the clear skies and gleaming sun of a summer day my sorrow was as the rain.

My Quixotic sword slaying my own life.

To teach the world a lesson?

I entered all my battles in pretense, and in so doing, I lost them all.

Secret hiding place

Secret hiding place;
Unwanted man's time runs short;
Room without a view.

Trespassing again

Trespassing again;
Naked before all the world;
Defending arrows.

Lonely man's refuge

Lonely man's refuge;
A cave with running water!
Players living life.

Too frightened to feel

Too frightened to feel;
Scared rabbit hasn't a clue;
Life without a net.

Abandonment time

Abandonment time;
Steaming radiator car;
Dying in noon sun.

In shame's prison die

In shame's prison die;
Longing eyes never see light;
Watch others dance free.

The years before Her

The years before Her;
Living on grace of angels;
So many lost tears.

Hiding in plain sight

Hiding in plain sight;
Sins scream out for all to see!
Nobody listens.

Junkyard metal rusts

Junkyard metal rusts;
Sun blaring on broken dreams;
Bent man curses foul.

Spineless coward worm

Spineless coward worm;
Fearing girls, shadows, his fate;
Never finds solace.

Suicide sex dare

Suicide sex dare;
Humiliation's delight;
Piss on my bald head.

Endless battles end

Endless battles end;
Those who choose death, receive it;
Endless life begins.