Monday, October 30, 2006

The Rage Warrior

The Rage Warrior;
Raping, killing, en fuego;
He's coming for you.

Innocense dying,
The Forgotten's pain rises.
Injustice for all.

Inner demons reign;
War in the street, war in hell;
Molding you like me.

Arson king grinning;
So in love with the flaming,
Burns down his own home.

Power's poisoned cup;
Seduced masses hail the fraud;
Still never enough.

Forest's field laid bare;
Metal treads crushing all life;
Who resists the beast?

Holy fury burns;
Patriots are the traitors;
Find us the witches!

Consuming always;
Furnace must always have more;
Death's bell rings louder.

Cannibals survive;
Fear is the devil's candy;
God's medicine spurned.

Laughing in Love's face;
Here's the Ultimate Power:
To not want my life.

Sees too late the light;
Rage warriors left behind;
Wishing to have love.

Tears become bullets.
Pity them and beware them:
Those who live a lie.

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